We are a team of education professionals with expertise in facilitation, project management, program and leadership development. 


We specialize in facilitating partnerships with the business community to enhance and customize the programs we deliver. We show youth how to integrate the expertise of these partners in the design and implementation of their environmental conservation projects that have comprehensive and measurable results.

We are committed to project-based learning where students take the lead and are actively supported by the school community and community partners.
— The Elements Society Team



Marnie Olson

Marnie is an instructional strategist specializing in capacity building for the social sciences.

Marnie has facilitated professional development training for more than 15,000 teachers in BC, Alberta and Ontario since 1984. She is the author of numerous teachers' guides on a series of urban environmental issues, including sustainability, climate change and energy conservation, and also managed the corporate education program for the Greater Vancouver Regional District of 21 municipalities and 11 school districts for a decade.

Her background includes a BES in Climatology and Glaciology from the University of Waterloo and a BEd from Queens.  Marnie's work in sustainability has been recognized by UBC Faculty of Education, BC Teachers Provincial Specialists Associations and school districts across Canada. In addition, as the coordinator of the school twinning project internationally for Climate Change Education for Canada and China, she contributed to federal capacity building initiatives with training, programs and resources.

Since 2007, Marnie's work with Elements to mentor and empower youth, has helped individuals share their voice and their passion, and develop collaborative skills to design and implement innovative solutions to real-world problems for the greater good of our communities.



Alice is from Chicago and participated in problem-based learning programs such as Future Problem Solvers and other experiential learning programs while growing up. She went on to complete her BA with honours in Environmental Studies with a focus in Biology and minors in Environmental Philosophy and Government at Hamilton College in Upstate NY.

She moved to Vancouver to pursue her MSc in natural resource governance at UBC, specifically looking at collaborative decision-making and the perception of legitimacy within the context of the Great Bear Rainforest. Alice has had the opportunity to work on a number of projects related to different aspects of the environmental field, including slow food events, organizing a ‘Take Back the Tap’ campaign, starting a food co-op, coordinating campus recycling, researching the secondhand economy and lighter living initiatives in Metro Vancouver with One Earth, researching and coordinating collaboration to address textile waste in the Vancouver region with Leverage Lab, and working as a team member for the sharing economy tech startup Quupe.

She has been a vegan for nearly 9 years and strives to live zero-waste. Alice also loves being a part of the communities in Vancouver working on making social and environmental impact, and so you can often find her attending events or volunteering with groups with such goals in mind (like the HiVE co-working space and Car Free Day Commercial Drive). When she’s not doing one of those things, you’ll likely find her paddling in a dragon boat or outrigger canoe, skiing, hiking with her friends and family, cooking, or cuddling up with her lovely pup Riley.

HEADSHOT - Serena.jpg

serena bonneville

Serena is a communications wiz, passionate about sustainability, youth engagement, outdoor-ed and all things nature. Her passions have shaped the strong belief that youth have the power to not only make meaningful change, but take resilient action - and she tends not to surround herself with those who agree otherwise.

Following university, Serena worked two years as a professional communications consultant at FleishmanHillard Highroad, one of the world’s top ranked global PR agencies, where she developed a deep understanding of the strategies that succeed in engaging and connecting with communities. After getting a strong feel for life in corporate PR, Serena then moved on to private consulting for various non profits in and around BC including the C2C BC Education Network, eMotive, Recycle BC, Youth4Action and the BC Parks Foundation. 

She now specializes solely in community engagement with a focus on connecting local organizations to people, place & planet. She currently works at the Elements Society as a Communications and Engagement Specialist, supporting the programs that work to facilitate, inspire and empower youth climate action.

Andrew Headshot.jpg

andrew yang

Andrew is a freelance Marketing + Sales Architect at the forefront of intersecting science, mathematics, and marketing based in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Coming from academia as a former astrophysics and mathematics major from Queen's University, he applies logical and longstanding scientific methodologies to enhance marketing and sales departments in driving higher returns without losing sight of the human condition.

Over the last 10 years, he's dedicated his career to building and managing technology and data infrastructures for marketing and sales executives by applying his knowledge in scientific and mathematical principles to strengthen the confidence in their decisions. He's worked with over 50 CEOs and CMOs across North America to build more efficient, lean, and scalable companies. Through his experience and passion for the sciences: psychology, astrophysics, and mathematics more specifically, Andrew's developed frameworks align executives and bring order to the unknown chaotic complexity of marketing and sales. Through his work and developments, Andrew has gained his recognition for his frameworks with the most utilized being the Single Unified Marketing Framework: The Marketing Universe.

His mantra is Be Human™ as a result of the world's overwhelming dependency and reliance on technology to solve problems to the point where we are losing sight of what it is to be truly human and connected at a deep emotional level. His strong belief and evidence behind leveraging technology and data with purpose aligns with our mission here at Elements Society: solve real-world human problems for the greater good of communities by connecting and collaborating with youth and individuals.

Andrew supports us in managing our technology and data infrastructures to ultimately better connect and deepen our relationships with our trusted family of clients.



Michaela is a proud (and passionate) generalist, and has developed her diverse skill-set by involving herself in a variety of sectors and community groups. She was shaped by her childhood as an active performer in the Lower Mainland’s theatre and music scene, as well as her involvement in multiple competitive sports in Port Moody.

Steadfast in her refusal to narrow interests, Michaela completed her undergraduate education at Quest University Canada, an interdisciplinary liberal arts and science school that proved extremely formative. There, Michaela studied education, political science, media, and critical theory, and designed and implemented a social emotional learning workshop for youth at the YMCA for her senior thesis. She also wrote and edited for the school news magazine, participated as one of ten fellows for Discourse Media’s Possible Canada’s 2015 project, acted as secretary for student government, and convened a voter engagement working group for the 2017 provincial election.

In the past year, Michaela has worked as a swim coach and lifeguard, Executive Assistant to the COO for Open Door Group, and a facilitator at Educo Adventure School and the JUMP! Foundation. She was also a proud 2018 RADIUS Social Innovation Fellowship member. Currently, Michaela splits her time as a musician, Communications and Community Coordinator for CityHive, and as one of Elements' Zero Waste Place Program Coordinators and Facilitators.


Solange Maher

Solange Maher brings her background in business, with a specialization in project management and integration to the Elements team and program participants.

She has expertise in building relationships among multi-stakeholder groups to strengthen and develop the collective capacity of communities.  

Her passion for youth-led advancement in environmental education began with Elements as a parent volunteer.  She brings this together with her affinity for engaging youth leaders.  Solange is invigorated by the collaborative energy that encompasses the Elements team.


Amy Merritt

Amy is excited about her work with the Elements team to develop strategies to further foster sustainable communities.  She is a passionate environmentalist, and has in-depth experience in environmental reclamation and remediation through her work with a national energy service provider. 

Her degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences, coupled with experience working in the school district, helps Elements in creating environmental awareness and behavioural change in school communities.

Amy’s passion for educating and engaging young minds fits naturally with her hands on approach to igniting awareness for environmental conservation and empowering individuals to become committed environmental stewards.


Stephanie Aleksiuk

Stephanie Aleksiuk is an environmental educator with Green Calgary, bringing hands-on educational programming to schools and community groups. Her specializations include waste, water, energy, and most recently Citizen Science. 

She recognizes the challenge of bringing difficult environmental topics into the classroom and is interested in exploring ways to do so that will support students as well as inspire them to be strong environmental stewards. 

She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Distinction from the University of Calgary. Stephanie is honoured to bring authentic inquiry and project-based learning to students through the DC program. She is continually inspired and in awe of the enthusiasm and can-do attitude of DC students who lead initiatives to increase sustainability in their schools.

Board of Directors


april shaw

April Shaw is a community engagement specialist for an environmental consultancy. April has 17 years experience working in the energy utility industry and has worked with BC municipalities on community energy and emission planning and is currently leading on indigenous relations and engagement on major infrastructure projects. April also spent time working in Africa with Sustainability Cities International where she focused on local economic development by facilitating relationships and negotiations between local governments, local community groups, and stakeholders to address municipal solid waste, urban planning and economic development issues. April led capacity building initiatives in the areas of business and financial management, strategic marketing, and technical training for local entrepreneurs and marginalized youth. April is experienced in implementing growth through innovation and change management business solutions and partnerships.

April is passionate about environmental sustainability, leadership and purpose driven community and cultural initiatives. April strives to empower youth to be the leaders of sustainability today and for our future.


Sharka Stuyt

Sharka has played a leading role in guiding and inspiring hundreds of individuals and companies to successfully realize their personal and professional desires and plans. Sharka's expertise lies in assisting business executives in taking their management capabilities and organizational results to the next level.

For the past 10 years, Sharka, has contributed as a Leadership and Change Management professor in the School of Business at Capilano University. She taught the Global Stewardship program, is involved in leadership development work in South America, as well as leading field trips to China and Vietnam. She has also taught in the MBA program at Simon Fraser University. Sharka has taken a leadership role in initiating corporate social responsibility in British Columbia, and is a founder of the BC Technology Venture Partners.

In 1999, Sharka was selected as one of the Top 40 individuals in British Columbia by Business in Vancouver magazine, and in 2000 was selected one of the 20 most Influential businesswomen in British Columbia.

Sharka joined the Elements Society in 2012. She holds a BBA in marketing and communication and an Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University; is a Certified Executive Coach (Royal Roads University); and has a Facilitator designation from Corporate Coach University in Texas.

AFSANEH Kefayati

Afsaneh is from Tehran,Iran and graduated from the National University of Manila ,Philippines and worked as project manager, adviser, and project coordinator.

As Director Manager for10 years with ESFRD, she was involved in more than 500 projects in the electronic industry before becoming a member of the Board of Directors of Electronic Support Fund for Research and Development (ESFRD).

She has an MBA from Carleton University in Ottawa and established two NGOs in Women’s Affairs with United Nation Industrial Division Organization (UNIDO) and become project manager for UNIDO in Tehran representing her country with the project profile “roles of woman in industry and environment” at the Beijing conference. Before moving to British Columbia, she worked as senior manager and consultant for 4 years at the ITRC Institute, affiliated with communications.

Currently, she’s working in Human Resources and continuing studies towards her plans to complete her PhD, with a Business post-graduate program at Capilano University.


Ben Hartshorn

Ben is a creative thinker with a longstanding passion for renewable energy and clean transport. As a person who likes a challenge, he has combined his love of arts and science into numerous self-taught learning endeavours. Driven by understanding, improving and encouraging education, Ben is known for his creative experiments.

An early triumph for Ben was building his own mode of transportation that met all his communing needs powered 100% by the sun. Putting his money where his mouth is, Ben now drives an electric vehicle and is the founder of Charge Alberta, a website and initiative to help facilitate the adoption of the electric vehicle through improved infrastructure.

Ben’s formal education and work history are also diverse. A graduate of the University of Northern BC with a degree in Computer Science, Ben brings work experience in both the public and private sectors, including project management and the development of an online e-learning platform. Ben also takes part in volunteer work aligned with sustainability and education.

As someone with an immense passion, driven to have a net positive impact. Ben currently applies his diverse skill set towards renewable energy, zero emission transportation and education.


Dr. Ovo Adagha

Dr. Ovo Adagha is a seasoned energy and environmental systems specialist with over 10 years of academic experience, public sector work, non-profit leadership and corporate practice at the international level. Through his work-related and academic activities, he has investigated and published extensively on sustainable energy and climate change. His research work has been used in various USA, Canada, Caribbean, Asia, Africa and EU energy policy planning and implementation.

He is currently a Principal Consultant with Bethel Systems where he leads energy efficiency and environmental conservation research and evaluation projects. Ovo also volunteers in non-profit organizations, hoping to inspire members of the public to share his passion for a more sustainable future for the world. He serves on the board of The Elements Society – where he provides strategic leadership to promote the conservation of natural resources through community education and stakeholder engagement.

He holds a Doctorate degree in Environmental Design from the University of Calgary, Canada and a Masters degree in Renewable Energy Futures from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.