We empower students to take the lead on crafting solutions to environmental sustainability challenges.

Students, staff and parent volunteers participating in the programs increase their environmental literacy while developing leadership skills applicable to life in school and beyond.  This pairing of process with content helps teachers meets curriculum goals across subjects and citizenship skills. School districts see a measurable reductions in energy use, water consumption and waste production that support sustainability policies and goals set by districts, as well as those of their municipality.

Program participants also carry the knowledge and skills they develop into their community as champions for change in the daily lives of everyone they connect with, including post-secondary schools and careers where their confidence in project management, stakeholder engagement equip them with essential tools for change and innovation in communities.

In the big picture, program participants develop a greater understanding of the link between their daily choices and role in the collective impact of human activity within the world environment and apply this to benefit the world through solutions, yet to be developed.  

The best part of this program is how it motivates students to take action and
design innovative solutions for real-life issues.
— Career Education Teacher, Wilma Hansen Middle School