Project-based learning empowers students to create wellbeing while they save the world.

Students get the rare opportunity to take the lead on a real-life project.  With some support, they:

  • excel at learning about issues,
  • critically analyze problems,
  • enlist expertise in their community,
  • work collaboratively,
  • communicate their ideas, and
  • design practical solutions to real problems.

Students who participate in our program develop confidence and apply it to become global citizens within our communities.  As well, the spectrum of knowledge and skills they learn serves them in subsequent academic pursuits and careers.  It is not uncommon to hear of students who choose a field of study related to their work on one of these projects.

As a school principal, I have seen students grow in their confidence and leadership - as well as knowledge - by participating in this program.
— Merrie-Rae Mitsopoulos, Director of Education, Fort McMurray Public School District

leadership programs include:

  • A learning and development platform centred on key skills, like design thinking and systems thinking, and a range of self-directed learning tools;
  • Projects focused on individuals, or classroom teams, or cross-school partnership to address environmental impacts, sustainable resource usage, and innovative solutions to these challenges;

  • Access to digital technology and social media tools to communicate for and facilitate behavior change; and
  • Access to leadership and innovation experts through a diverse network of industry professionals, corporate speakers, and other environmental partner organizations.